Jordan BirdWatch organizes kid-friendly activities

Jordan Birdwatch kid-friendly activity with the Royal Botanic Gardens, October 2022 : birdwatch, pic-nic, make-up stand for kids, bird-house workshop...

Jordan BirdWatch organized a fantastic family event kindly hosted by the Royal Botanic Garden in Tal Al-Ruman that featured kid-friendly activities to share  our passion for birds and nature . 

  • Jordan Birdwatch educational programs, visiting the green-house of the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Jordan Birdwatch educational programs, bird watching at Tal Al-Ruman

The Jordan BirdWatch Association’s education and awareness program also includes excursions to observe wild birds in several Jordanian locations where they live in their natural habitats . 

We would like to thank the staff of the Royal Botanic Garden for being so cooperative and allowing us to enjoy the wonderful area and facilities managed by them. We also thank all participants and volunteers who made this event possible

نظمت الجمعية الاردنية لمراقبة الطيور فعالية للعائلات تضمنت نشاطات للاطفال في الحديقة النباتية الملكيةً في تل الرمان  ويشملً البرنامج التعليمي للجمعية ايضا رحلات مراقبة للطيور البرية في موائلها الطبيعة في شتى مناطق الاردن

شكر خاص للحديقة النباتية الملكية لتعاونها مع الجمعية ولجميع المشاركين والمتطوعين الذين ساهمو في انجاح هذة الفاعلية

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Syrian Serin in Jordan

Syrian serin reported vulnerable IUCN
Syrian serin shrub land habitat, JBW
Syrian serin habitat, south-west of Jordan

English name: Syrian Serin

Scientific name: Serinus syriacus

The Syrian Serin, a small passerine bird belonging to the finch family, is endemic to parts of the Levant, namely in southwestern Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.   It breeds in semi-arid, rocky slopes at high altitudes above 900 m a.s.l. with open woodland containing a mix of conifers (e.g. junipers and/or cedars) and evergreen oak and other shrubs, which are important for nesting and roosting.   

It frequents during autumn and winter more open steppe habitats (usually Artemisia steppe) with scattered trees or shrubs. Observations of Syrian Serins apparently migrating and overwintering in northwestern Jordan indicate that some populations (e.g. those breeding in Syria and Lebanon) are short-distance migrants, moving to lower areas for the winter.

The Syrian Serin is a rare species with a restricted geographical range; In Jordan, it breeds solely in the Dana Nature Reserve ( See Dana Biosphere Reserve… ). In 2022, Jordan Birdwatch researchers estimated around 450-490 pairs still remaining in part of the reserve, in an area not larger than 12   The population and breeding area thus decreased by c. 30% during the last decades due to habitat destruction and degradation caused by a combination of overgrazing, prolonged drought, unregulated picnicking and wood cutting. Other recent threats include wind farm developments and plans to mine copper and other metals at or near its habitats.

Syrian serin in Dhana, Jordan
Syrian serin in Dhana, Jordan

Jordan BirdWatch made a recent assessment of the Syrian Serin in Jordan, and recommends upgrading the species category to “Critically Endangered” according to IUCN / Redlist criteria* (Criteria B1a, B1b) at the national level, and to “Endangered” at the global level (B2a, B2b).  

In an attempt to raise awareness among decision makers and stakeholders, meetings and a workshop are being held to discuss the management of the threatened woodland where the species breeds. Posters were also printed and distributed to schools. The activities on Syrian Serin in 2022 in Jordan were supported by Global Greengrants Fund.

Syrian serin communication
Posters for communication and workshops
Jordan BirdWatch, JBW
Global Green Grants Fund
Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature

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