Important surveys in Jordan

Herds, wild grazing


National breeding surveys of rare, poorly known and geographically restricted species in Jordan are shedding light on current distribution and threats to bird habitats, such as windfarms in the southern highlands and unsustainable farming and overgrazing in Wadi Araba and the Jordan Valley.

Birding trips are also constantly adding information about various bird species.

JBW updates the national bird list and its members publish significant records, such as the colonization of Black-winged Kite in Sandgrouse (vol. 39, 2017).

JBW becomes member in the NWP

Jordan BirdWatch, becomes member in the National Wildlife Protection Committee as from 2017.

JBW, represented by Dr. Fares Khoury, became member of the national committee which recommends and modifies the hunting regulations and other matters related to wildlife hunting, persecution and introduction of game species.

The committee members, appointed by the Minister of Agriculture, include academics, representatives of various conservation and hunting associations, as well as the ministry of agriculture and the environmental police (Rangers).

Hunting (legal and illegal) is regrettably becoming a widespread sport in spite of an alarming decrease in many wildlife species. Law implementation is still undeveloped and current regulations are not yet based on real data. JBW is generally requesting a comprehensive plan which ensures regulated and sustainable hunting.

Levant Birds

People and Birds in the southern Levant

JBW participated in June 2017 in a workshop and field trips to various areas in Jordan as part of the project “People and Birds in the southern Levant“.

In cooperation with the University of Reading, U.K. and the Faculty of Science, American University of Madaba.

Participants included (zoo-) archeologists, biologists and bird-watchers from the U.K., U.S.A. and Jordan who shared their knowledge about the importance of birds in the present and past.

For more information please see our projects page and visit the web site: People and Birds in the Southern Levant .

Bird Watcher’s Guide to Madaba

Publication and launching of the Bird Watcher’s Guide to Madaba, 15th March 2017

A Birdwatcher’s Guide to Madaba was published by Jordan BirdWatch. This guide describes 15 sites in the extended Madaba region which comprises a variety of bird habitats and scenic landscapes overlooking the Dead Sea.

The guide includes a map, site coordinates, accommodation details, habitat descriptions, systematic checklists as well as explaining why the Madaba region is a definite place for a birder to visit and spend a few days in.

The author is the ornithologist and co-founder of JBW, Dr. Fares Khoury. Printing of the book and a launching event on 15th March 2017 in Madaba city were supported by GIZ (German Agency for Technical Support) and carried out in cooperation with Madaba Tourism Development & Heritage Preservation Association.

Copies can be obtained by contacting us through our contact page

Agreement with the Queen Alia International Airport

March 2017

JBW signed an agreement with QAIA Environmental Department to cooperate in bird monitoring and training in and around the airport area during 2017-2018.

The cooperation is expected to continue in 2019 and beyond.

Exhibition 16th February 2017

Beyond COP 21 Symposium,

JBW participated in an exhibition as part of the full day “Beyond COP 21 Symposium” held at Al Ahliyyah School for Girls (CMS) on Thursday, 16th February 2017 and in partnership with Bishop’s School for Boys and Mashrek International School.

Material with information about bird-watching activities and the current threats to birds and their habitats was displayed to school children and educators.

JBW presented PowerPoint slides about birds in Jordan, in addition to bird guides, bird watching tools, and posters and other material tackling problems such as excessive hunting, habitat destruction and wind farm developments, and engaged in discussions with curious students and school teachers.

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