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The Jordan Bird Records Committee (JBRC) was set up in April 1999 to assess records of rare birds in Jordan. Common Buzzard
The committee members are Fares Khoury (secretary), Ian Andrews, Richard Porter, and Feras Rahahleh. Former members include Derek Moore, Mike Evans and Erik Hirschfeld.
As a guideline, all species that have been recorded less than 10 times in Jordan should be verified with a description (see list below). Species that have recently become rare are also included.
Please send records to Dr. Fares Khoury (JBRC secretary) E-mail : avijordan2000@yahoo.com.
Descriptions are preferred in digital form (email), as they are circulated in this format.
A suggested record description form is attached, (see below).
All decisions are published on this page (see below) and on the facebook page of the Jordan Birdwatching Club : http://www.facebook.com/groups/Jordanbirdwatchers

(based on species with less than 5 records) IJA, June 1999 :

List of species to be considered by JBRC ; 2016, IJA, FK.

(I) = birds seen in Jordan from Israel. These are included on the Jordan List with the caveat that they were only seen from adjacent territory and with the proviso that the record must be accepted by the Israeli Records Committee. BOJ = The Birds of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (1995). JBR = Jordan Bird Report 1995-97. Sandgrouse (1999).

SpeciesScientific nameBOJ :
records to end
plus some older
Black-throated DiverGavia arctica-1 (I)-
Atlantic PetrelPterodroma incerta-2 (I)-
Soft-plumaged PetrelPterodroma mollis-1 (I)-
Streaked ShearwaterCalonectris leucomelas-2 (I)-
Pale-footed ShearwaterPuffinus carneipes-1 (I)-
Sooty ShearwaterPuffinus griseus3+3-5<
Wilson’s PetrelOceanites oceanicus-1 (I)-
Red-billed TropicbirdPhaethon aethereus-1 (I)1
Pygmy CormorantPhalacrocorax pygmeusold-+3
DarterAnhinga melanogasterold--
Lesser FrigatebirdFregata ariel-1 (I)-
Pink-backed PelicanPelecanus rufescens--1
Green-backed/striated HeronButorides striatus1-+8Only records away from Aqaba will be consideres
Intermediate EgretEgretta intermedia1--DIMW
Black-headed HeronArdea melanocephala-1 (I)-
Goliath HeronArdea goliath-1-
Yellow-billed StorkMycteria ibis-1 (I)-
Mute SwanCygnus olor--1Published in Sandgrouse
Bewick’s/Tundra SwanCygnus columbianus-1 (I)-
Whooper SwanCygnus cygnus--1
White-fronted GooseAnser albifrons2+1 (I)-
Lesser White-fronted GooseAnser erythropus-1 (I)1
Bean GooseAnser fabilis--1
Egyptian GooseAlopochen aegytiaga--+10Regular at ABO, only records away from Aqaba will be considered
Cotton Pygmy-gooseNettapus coromandelianus--1
Ruddy ShelduckTadorna ferruginea5-712 records
Cotton TealNettapus coromandelianus-1-
Falcated DuckAnas falcata1--
Long-tailed DuckClangula hyemalis-1 (I)-
White-headed DuckOxyura leucocephala-1 (I)-
Marbled DuckMarmaronetta angustirostris5+?-Only old records
Red-crested PochardNetta rufina5-15<
Red-breasted MerganserMergus serrator--1
Red KiteMilvus milvus3+1-
Black-winged KiteElanus caeruleus--+12
LammergeierGypaetus barbatusto 1980s+1 (1)-
Lappet-faced VultureTorgos tracheliotus1+several-
Black VultureAegypius monachus3+-+3
Rough-legged BuzzardButeo lagopus3--
Common BuzzardButeo buteo buteo--+6only nominate subspecies considered here
Crested Honey BuzzardPemis ptylorhinchus3All in Aqaba, April 2015
Spotted EagleAquila clanga4+2sevAround 10 records
Verreaux’s EagleAquila verreauxii+++3Rarely seen after 1999
Eleonora’s FalconFalco eleonorae5+2-5<
SakerFalco cherrugseveral+315<
PeregrineFalco peregrinusseveral+3-5<
Purple GallinulePorphyrio porphyrio-1 (I)3
Demoiselle CraneAnthropoides virgo-1 (I)1
Siberian White CraneGrus leucogeranus1
Houbara BustardChlamydotis undulatafew post 1979c.5+±1>5, reintroductions in 2014-2015
Crab PloverDromas ardeola-1 (I)-
Egyptian PloverPluvianus aegyptius1?--
Black-winged PratincoleGlareola nordmanni7+115<
Pacific Golden PloverPluvialis fulva1--
European Golden PloverPluvialis apricaria--1
Blackhead PloverHoplopterus tectus1--
Red-wattled PloverHoplopterus indicus--1Apr 99
Sociable PloverChettusia gregariaold + 1 recent-3
KnotCalidris canutus1--
SanderlingCalidris alba2--
Great SnipeGallinago media4--
Pintail SnipeGallinago stenura-1 (I)-
WoodcockScolopax rusticola2+3-
Painted SnipeRostratula benghalensis---
Bar-tailed GodwitLimosa lapponica4-1
WhimbrelNumenius phaeopus42++4records 11
Slender-billed CurlewNumenius tenuirostris1--DIMW
Red PhalaropePhalaropus fulicarius--1
Pectoral SandpiperCalidris melanotos---
Terek SandpiperXenus cinereus1-2
Pomarine SkuaStercorarius pomarinus3--
Long-tailed SkuaStercorarius longicaudus3--
South Polar SkuaStercorarius maccormicki-1 (I)-
Sooty GullLarus hemprichii-1 (I)-
Little GullLarus minutus32+25<
Sabine’s GullLarus sabini-1 (I)-
Grey-headed GullLarus cirrocephalus1--
Audouin’s GullLarus audouinii1-1
Glaucous GullLarus hyperboreus1--
Yellow-legged GullLarus michaellis-?-Recent taxonomic separation
KittiwakeRissa tridactyla-(I) 11
Crested TernSterna bergii1--
Lesser Crested TernSterna bengalensis2-1
Arctic TernSterna paradisaea-1 (I)-
White-cheeked TernSterna repressa2--
Bridled TernSterna anaethetus1--
Lichtenstein’s SandgrousePterocles lichtensteinii-several (I)2
Chestnut-bellied SandgrousePterocles exustus1--
WoodpigeonColumba palumbusold + 2 recent--
African Collared DoveStreptopelia roseogrisea-1 (I)-
Striated Scops OwlOtus bruceic.3--
Brown Fish OwlKetupa zeylonensisold--
Short-eared OwlAsio flammeusc.5(I) 1+15<
Nubian NightjarCaprimulgus nubicus3+ (I)-
Egyptian NightjarCaprimulgus aegyptius4-sevApr 99
Black-crowned Finch-larkEremopterix nigriceps-1 (I)-
Asian Short-toed LarkCalandrella cheleensis-?-Status uncertain
Oriental SkylarkAlauda gulgula---
Richard’s PipitAnthus novaeseelandiaec.5--
Olive-backed PipitAnthus hodgsoni-1 (I)5
Blyth’s PipitAnthus godlewskii---
Buff-bellied PipitAnthus rubescens---
White-cheeked BulbulPycnonotus leucogenys1+1+10Escape problem / only records
away from Azraq
will be considered
Radde’s AccentorPrunella ocularis-1-
Alpine AccentorPrunella collaris-1-
Black Bush RobinCercotrichas podobe--4
Pied WheatearOenanthe pleschanka---No records
Red-tailed WheatearOenanthe xanthoprymna3+1-
Ring OuzelTurdus torquatus1+12
RedwingTurdus iliacus2+1-
Grasshopper WarblerLocustella naevia2--
Paddyfield WarblerAcrocephalus agricola---
River WarblerLocustella fluviatilisc.6-1>5
Aquatic WarblerAcrocephalus paludicola1--DIMW
Marsh WarblerAcrocephalus palustris1+11
Booted WarblerHippolais caligatac.6-15<
Olive-tree WarblerHippolais olivetorumc.6+21+5<
Icterine WarblerHippolais icterina5-2+5<
Ménétries’s WarblerSylvia mystacea2+10sev>5
Cyprus WarblerSylvia melanothorax325+ birdsAround 10 records
Yellow-browed WarblerPhylloscopus inornatus--1Oct 98
Plain Leaf WarblerPhylloscopus neglectus1--DIMW
GoldcrestRegulus regulus2-2
WallcreeperTichodroma muraria1--
Steppe Grey ShrikeLanius (e.) pallidirostris-1sev
Isabelline ShrikeLanius isabellinus--+1Recent taxonomic separation
Turkestan ShrikeLanius phoenicuroides--3Recent taxonomic seperation
Long-tailed ShrikeLanius schach--1
RookCorvus frugilegusold + 1 recent--
Bank MynaAcridotheres ginginianus--1introduced
Rose-coloured StarlingSturnus roseus31+35<
Yellow-throated SparrowGymnoris xanthocollis--1
Red-fronted SerinSerinus pusillis-12
CrossbillLoxia curvirostra--2Oct 98, Dec 98
Scarlet RosefinchCarpodacus erythrinus1-3
Rustic BuntingEmberiza rustica--2
Pine BuntingEmberiza leucocephalos-21
Cinereous BuntingEmberiza cineracea71+1+Around 10 records
Little BuntingEmberiza pusilla1--
Red-headed BuntingEmberiza bruniceps--1Sep 98
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Jordan Bird Records Committee - Rare Bird Record Form
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  2. The following records have been accepted by the JBRC :

    BATCH 20

    Pygmy cormorant Phalacrocorax pygmeus

    60 birds at Wadi Arab Dam, Jordan Valley, 6th July 2016 (F. Khoury, R. Massis) first record since nearly 2 decades.

    Ruddy shelduck Tadorna ferruginea,

    17, north of Azraq, 21 January 2017 (R. Isaksson), 12th record.

    Red breasted Merganser Mergus serratror,

    1 female, Kafrein Dam, Jordan Valley,  9 - 12th December 2016 (F. Khoury, R. Massis R. Al-Khatib, O. Rabayah) First for Jordan.

    Striated Heron Butorides striata,

    1 juv, Aqaba Bird Observatory, 12 November 2016 (F. Rahahleh). First for this site; previous records mainly from the Aqaba coast.

    Black Vulture Aegypius monachus,

    1 immature, Mudawwara 19 January 2017 (R. Isaksson). Around 8th record.

    Common Buzzard Buteo buteo buteo,

    two birds at Madaba 15th November 2016, one staying till 7 March 2017; 1 bird Jordan Valley (Kafrein) 13 December 2016 (F. Khoury). Second - fourth records of nominate subspecies.

    Black winged Kite Elanus caeruleus,

    two birds, Azraq & Shoumari, 13 January 2017 (F. Khoury, R. Massis); one near Madaba, 8 - 15 November 2016 (F. Khoury); one, Jordan Valley, 13 November and 9 December 2016 (F. Khoury, R. Massis); two at Khirbet Samra, 20 November 2016 (M. Al-Shamlih). 9th - 13th record.

    Turkestan Shrike Lanius phoenicuroides,

    1 adult Aqaba, 20 May 2017 (F. Rahahleh). 2nd confirmed record after taxonomic separation.

    Isabelline (Daurian) Shrike Lanius isabellinus,

    1 adult, 29 - 30 April 2017Nj Airport area, East of Madaba (F. Khoury). First confirmed record after taxonomic separation.

    Redwing Turdus iliacus,

    one south of Aqaba, 25 November 2016 (A. Riad). 6th record.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Terek sandpiper  Xenus cinereus, two, 5 December 2016; Aqaba Bird Observatory.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary), November 2017.

    BATCH 19

    Striated Heron Buorides striata

    One juvenile (+ further sightings of species) at Aqaba coast, 15th November 2014 (A. Riad). One adult Ghor Rama, Jordan Valley 18th December 2015 (F. Khoury). 2nd record away from Aqaba.

    Common Buzzard Buteo buteo buteo

    One adult at Madaba, 14th November 2015 - 5th March 2016 (F. Khoury, R. Massis). First confirmed record of buteo subspecies.

    Crested Honey Buzzard  Pernis ptylorhinchus

    Two at Aqaba Bird Observatory, 19th April 2015 (S. Pinder). 2nd - 3d records for Jordan, just 1 week after 1st (see batch 18).

    Black-winged Kite   Elanus caeruleus

    One adult, Aqaba, 1st September, 2015 (F. Rahahleh).
    One adult at Madaba, 14th November 2015 (F. Khoury).
    One 1st yr Ghor Rama + one adult S. Shuna, 8th January 2016 (F. Khoury, R. Massis, R. Salim, A. Abdelhadi).
    One adult, Shaumari Reserve, 5th February 2016 (A. Abdelhadi).
    One central Jordan Valley 11th May 2016 (F. Khoury). 3rd - 8th records.

    Purple Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio

    One adult (subspecies madagascariensis), Aqaba coast, 23 July 2015 (F. Rahahleh). 4th record.

    Whimbrel  Numenius phaeopus

    Fourteen at Aqaba Bird Observatory, 18th March 2016 (F. Rahahleh). 11th record.

    Kittiwake Rissa tridactyla

    One adult, Aqaba, 30th December 2014 (A. Riad). 2nd record.

    Lesser Crested Tern Sterna bengalensis

    Two, Aqaba coast, 18th August 2015 (F. Rahahleh). 2nd record.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Golden Plover  Pluvialis apricaria, Aqaba, 25th November 2015.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary), July 2016.

    BATCH 18

    Crested Honey Buzzard  Pernis ptylorhinchus

    One adult at Aqaba Bird Observatory, 12 April 2015 (J. Sykes, D. Dridi, A. Mustafa, A. Dodd, J. & A. Luker, A. Sinclair, R. A. Edwards). 1st confirmed record for Jordan.

    Black-winged Kite Elanus caeruleus

    Three (one adult, two juveniles), Jordan Valley, 25 June 2015 (F. Khoury, R. Massis). 2nd record.

    Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus

    Two at Aqaba Bird Observatory 26 April 2015, one at Aqaba Bird Observatory 30 May 2015 (F. Rahahleh). 9th - 10 records.

    Rose-coloured Starling Pastor roseus

    One adult at Aqaba Bird Observatory, 23 June 2015 (F. Rahahleh). 7th record.

    Common Myna Acridotheres tristis

    26+ birds at 6 sites, Amman-Dead Sea Road, Na’ur, Wadi Bahhath, Dead Sea Hotel area, 3 April - 30 May 2015 (F. Khoury, R. Massis). 5th - 16th record.

    Rustic Bunting Emberiza rustica

    One (1st yr) at Petra, 30 November 2014 (O. Jonsson, K. Jonsson, E. Sivencrona, H. Sivencrona). 2nd record.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Ruppell’s Vulture Gyps rueppellii, one Dana 12 May 2014.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary) September 2015.

    BATCH 17

    Black-winged Kite Elanus caeruleus

    One adult, Aqaba, 24th March 2013 (G. Wichmann and G. Zeyringer), 1st confirmed record in Jordan.

    Turnstone Arenaria interpres

    One, Aqaba Bird observatory, April 10th 2014, (F. Rahahleh); perhaps 1st for a decade.

    Common Mynah Acridotheres tristris

    Two NE of Kafrein / Jordan Valley, 30th July 2014, 3 birds at same site seen one month later by same observers (F. Khoury); 5th record in Jordan, 4th record was of a pair at Kafrein (photographed by M. Asfour) around April 2014, and several sightings by various observers of pair at QAI Airport during 2014 - see batch 16.

    Olive-backed Pipit Anthus hodjonsi

    Three, Aqaba palm beach, 17th December 2013 (F. Rahahleh) 5th record for Jordan.

    Black Bushchat Cercotrichas podobe

    One at Aqaba Moevenpick resort / Tala Bay, 12th April 2014 (E. Hirschfeld); 4th country record.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary) December 2014.

    BATCH 16

    Striated Heron Buorides striata

    One, 1cy, Aqaba, 5 October 2008 (T Haraldson(. 4th record. Three previous records in Aqaba (1990-1992, I. Andrews); this (4th) record precedes the record in Azraq in 2012, which becomes 5th record (see batch 15).

    Little Gull Larus minutus

    One, Aqaba Bird Observatory, 24 March 2000 (Gabor Wichmann). 7th record, and preceding record from same locality in 2006 (becomes 8th record).

    Ring Ouzel Turdus torquatus

    One, Dana 21 March 2000 (G. Wichmann, U. Lindinger, W. Lindinger, F. Khoury). 5th record, most records from same locality.

    Common Mynah Acridotheres tristris

    Two, W Amman 17 April 2013 (S Shama, F. Khoruy). 1st confirmed record in Jordan; introduced species probably originating from escapees.

    Common Myna A. tristris

    One (photo of shot bird, unknown locality), June 2013. 2nd record.

    Common Myna A. tristris

    Int Airport south of Amman, 12 August 2013 (L. Al-Moghrabi). 3rd record.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Tawny Eagle Aquila rapax, one, Dana 21 March 2000.

    Black-winged kite Elanus caeruleus, one, Aqaba, 21 March 2013-

    Little Gull Larus minutus, two, Qa Khanna, 4 March 2001.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary) February 2014.

    BATCH 15-additions

    Striated Heron Butorides striata

    One, first winter, Azraq Wetland Reserve, 5-13 November 2012 (T Qaneer, G Butcher, O Abed). Second record for Jordan, the first was in Aqaba in 1992.

    BATCH 15

    Ruddy Shelduck Tadorna ferruginea

    One at at Aqaba Bird Observatory, 2 April 2011. (K Mild); Around 6th record since 2000 and 11th for Jordan).

    Egyptian Goose Alopochen aygyptiacus

    One immature at Aqaba Bird Observatory, 19th December 2011 (F Rahahleh); first record for Jordan; this bird stayed at least until February 2012.

    Tundra Swan Cygnus columbianus

    One at Burqu’, 10th  February 2005 (K Omari, L Moghrabi, N Hamidan, M Amano); 2nd record.

    Oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus

    One at Azraq mudflats, 23rd April 2004 (K Omari, C Hewson, A Halah, L Moghrabi); perhaps the first for a decade.

    Europen Golden Plover Pluvialis apricaria

    One at Mudawwara, 16th December 2003 (P Ellis, A Halah, K Omari); 2nd record.

    Armenian Gull Larus armenicus

    Two in Aqaba Bird Observatory, on 2 April 2011 (K Mild, T Pettersson). This species (previously a subspecies of Yellow-legged Gull) appears to be regular in small numbers at Aqaba in winter and spring; there are over 12 confirmed records for Jordan).

    Heuglin's Gull Larus fuscus heuglini

    Five adults at Aqaba Bird Observatory, 2 April 2011 (K Mild, T Pettersson); the Heuglin’s Gull, a subspecies of lesser black-backed gull is possibly a regular winter visitor and spring migrant at  Aqaba.

    Nubian Nightjar Caprimulgus nubicus

    One heard at Tassan springs, and 5 at Fifa, 20-21 March 2011. (K Mild, T Pettersson, P Waern). Around 7th confirmed record; a survey in spring 2012 confirmed the presence of a small population at Fifa.

    Blyth’s Pipit Anthus glodweskii

    One 23 March 2011, Mudawwara agricultural area  (K Mild, T Pettersson, P Waern); first record for Jordan.

    Olive-backed Pipit Anthus hodgonsi

    One at Aqaba palm beach, 26 March 2011 (P Waern); & 4th record, all were in Aqaba, last 3 at the palm beach.

    Paddyfield Warbler Acrocephalus agricola

    One at Azraq wetland reserve, 1 May 2007 (J Azar); first record for Jordan.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Blyth’s Warbler Acrocephalus dumoterum, Azraq, 28 April 2007.

    Olive-tree Warbler Hippolais olivetorum, Fujeij, 7 May 2011-

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary) December 2012.

    BATCH 14

    Ruddy Shelduck Tadorna ferruginea

    One, Aqaba Bird Observatory, 11 January 2011 (F Rahahleh); around 10th record).

    Sociable Plover Vanellus gregarius

    Two, Aqaba Bird Observatory, 5 January 2011 (F Rahahleh); around 5th record.

    Black Bush Robin Cercotrichas podobe

    One, Marine Science Station, Aqaba, 29 March 2011 (F Rahahleh); 3rd record.

    Olive-backed Pipit Anthus hodgonsi

    One, Aqaba palm beach, 18 November 2009 (F Khoury, F Rahahleh); 3rd record.

    Turkestan Shrike (Lanius phoenicuroides) - formerly subspecies of Isabelline shrike

    One, Shaumari Reserve, 30 May 2011 (F Khoury, Y Shishani, L Azzam, T Qaneer); first confirmed record after taxonomic seperation.

    Yellow-throated Sparrow Gymornis xanthocollis

    Two (male and female), Shaumari, 1 June 2011 (F Khoury, L Azzam, T Qaneer, Y Shishani)- this is a new record for Jordan (see Sandgrouse 34, 2012).

    The following has not been accepted :

    Bateleur Terathopius ecaudatus, Desert Highway, Rajif junction, near Ma’an, 1 March 2011.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary) September 2011.

    BATCH 13

    White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons

    One, Khirbet As-Samra waste water plant. 15th  February 2010. (F Khoury, M. Dheissat); 4th record.

    Sociable Plover Vanellus gregaria

    Two, Queen Alia Airport, south of Amman, 17th November 2009. (F. Khoury, M. Dheissat); 4th .

    Common Rose finch Caprodacus erythricus

    One, Bait Ali camp, Wadi rum, 28th September 2009 (N. Martinez); 5th record for Jordan.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Buff-bellied Pipit Anthus rubescens, Aqaba 30 December 2009.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary) 2011.

    BATCH 12

    Buff-bellied Pipit Anthus rubescens japonicus

    Adult, winter plumage, Aqaba, Palm beach area, 7th January 2008 (J. Tenovuo). A new species for Jordan.

    Oriental Sky lark Alauda gulgula

    One, palm beach area, 31st December 2007-3rd January 2008 (C. Monnerat); First confirmed record for Jordan.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary) 2009.

    BATCH 11

    Red-billed Tropic Birds Phaethon aethureus

    Two, Aqaba, 3rd  May 2006 (R. Beunen, M. Louwsma), 2nd record.

    Bean Goose Anser fabilis (ssp rosicus)

    One, Aqaba water treatment plant (Aqaba Bird Observatory), 12th  February 2007 (K. Nishimura, J. Azar) first record.

    Ruddy Shelduck Tadorna ferruginea

    Adult, Aqaba water treatment plant (Aqaba Bird Observatory), 7th  December 2005-15th  January 2006. (J. Azar, I. Hasani, K. Nishimura); the same observers also recorded this species during January - February 2005 at Qa Azraq and Qatraneh Dam.

    Red-crested Porchard Aythya ferina

    One, Al-Karamah Dam, Jordan Valley, 3rd  February 2006 (J. Azar); around 6th record.

    Demoiselle Crane Grus vigro

    One, Al-Mudawarah, 7th October, 2006 (K. Nishimura, J. Azar); 2nd record.

    Grey Phalarope Phalaropus fulicarius

    One in winter plumage, Qa Azraq, 29-30th  April 2006 (P. Ellis). A new species for Jordan.

    Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus

    A group of five, Aqaba water treatment plant (ABO), 4th April 2006 (K. Nishimura); 8th record.

    Black-winged Pratincole Glareola nordmanni

    Two, Azraq, 22nd April 2006 (R. Beunen, M. Louwsma); 9th record.

    Little Gull Larus minutus

    One, first winter, Aqaba water treatment plant (ABO), 4th  April 2006. (K. Nishimura); around 7th record.

    Olive tree warbler Hippolais olivetorum

    One, Aqaba, 2nd  May 2006 : (R. Beunen, M. Louwsma); around 10th record.

    Olive-backed Pipit Anthus hodgsoni

    One, Aqaba, 18th  February 2006 (I. Andrews). 2nd record (first seen from within Jordan and accepted by JBRC).

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary), 2007.

    BATCH 10

    Isabelline Shrike Lanius isabellinus

    One, unidentified subspecies, Aqaba, 16th January 2005 (H. Dufourny).

    Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus

    One, Qa Azraq, 20th January 2005 (H. Dufourny); a new species to Jordan.

    Wood Pigeon Columba polumbus

    One, Sweimeh, 27th March 2005 (K. Hansen, M. Hansen, C. Nielsen, A. Kristensen); 5th record.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Booted Warbler, Aqaba, 7th April, 2005.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary), 2005.

    BATCH 9

    Lichtenstein’s Sandgrouse Pterocles lichtensteinii

    Four together in acacia habitat, between Qatar and Rahma/Wadi Araba, 20th October 2003 (M. al-Shamlih). Second record in Jordan (several records in Jordan - seen from across the border).

    The following has not been accepted :

    Common Mynah, 5+, Kafrein, 30 July 2004.

    Pied Wheatear, imm. female, Dana 18th Spetember 2004.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary), 2004.

    BATCH 8

    Booted Warbler Hippolais calligata

    Adult, Azraq rest house, 20th  September 2003 (I. Torres, K. de Dios, J. Cañada); 7th record.

    Terek Sandpiper Xenus cinereus

    Two in summer plumage, Qa Azraq, 18th April 2004 (P. Ellis); 2nd record for Jordan.

    Whimbrel Numenius phaepus

    One, Qa’Azraq, 22nd April 2004 (P. Ellis).

    Cinereous Bunting Emberiza cineracea

    Male, Azraq lodge, 15th April 2004 (P.Ellis); around 10th record.

    Long-tailed Shrike Lanius schach

    One, Aqaba shore gardens, 11-13th April 2004, (H. Dufourny), 1st record in Jordan.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary), 2004.

    BATCH 7

    Black Bush Robin Cercotrichas podobe

    One, Nawatif/Dana, 7th May 2002 (A. Grieve), 1st record in Jordan (see Sandgrouse 26(2), 2003).

    Black Bush Robin Cercotrichas podobe

    One, Wadi Araba 14km north of Aqaba, 30th May (F. Khoury), 2nd record in Jordan (see Sandgrouse 26(2), 2003).

    Pectoral Sandpiper Calidris melanotos

    Adult, Aqaba sewage plant 10-11th September 2002, (Alan J Leitch, D. Fairhurst, L. Moghrabi), 1st record in Jordan.

    Bank Mynah Acridotheres ginginianus

    Four, apparently breeding, Sweimeh, 26th April - 3rd May 2003. (F. Khoury, M. al-Shamlih). 2nd record.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary), 2003.

    BATCH 6

    Black Vulture Aegypius monachus

    First-year, photographed, 100 km south of Ruwayshid, 1st January 2003 (Nashat A. Hamidan et al.) About 6th record.

    Grasshopper Warbler Locustella naevia

    One, trapped, near Zarqa, 10th May 2002 (Dr Fares Khoury, M. Goc & A. Obeiyat); 3rd record for Jordan.

    Scarlet (Common) Rosefinch Carpodacus erythrinus

    Two singles (one second-year, probably female and one female, probably adult), trapped, near Zarqa, 21st and 23rd May 2002 (Dr Fares Khoury, A. Obeiyat); 3rd and 4th record.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Pied Wheatear, female, Aqaba, 28th April 2002.

    Fares Khoury (JBRC Secretary), April 2003.

    BATCH 4 additions

    Siberian White Crane Grus leucogeranus

    Three adults, Qa Khanna, 2nd February 2001 (N.A. Hamidan et al).

    BATCH 5

    Liechtenstein’s Sandgrouse Pterocles lichstensteinii

    Pair, south of Rahma, 30th March 2001 (Marc Duquet et al.); A new species for Jordan (at least the first actually seen in Jordan).

    Marsh Warbler Acrocephalus palustris

    Nine different birds, near Zarqa, between 3rd September and 2nd October 2001 (Dr Fares Khoury, Prof P. Busse); 4-13th record.

    Icterine Warbler Hippolais icterina

    Immature, near Zarqa, 13th September 2001 (Dr Fares Khoury, Prof P Busse); 7th record.

    River Warbler Locustella fluviatilis

    Three different birds, near Zarqa, 14th September, 6th & 14th October 2001 (Dr Fares Khoury, Prof P. Busse), 8-10th record.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Klass’s Cuckoo, 1, Wadi Rum, 7th March 2001.

    Ian J. Andrews (JBRC Secretary) Jan 2003

    BATCH 4

    Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber

    Twelve, first-winters, Qa al Azraq, 29th November 2000 to 4th February 2001 (P.M. Ellis et al.); Four, two adults, one immature and one first-winter, Qa Khanna, 1st December 2000 (P.M. Ellis, K. Al Omari, A. El Halah).

    Ruddy Shelduck Tadorna ferruginea

    Four, Qa al Azraq, 3rd December 2000 (P.M. Ellis, K. Al Omari, A. El Halah) Five, Aqaba sewage works, 5th December 2000 (P.M. Ellis, K. Al Omari, A. El Halah).

    Eurasian Golden Plover Pluvialis apricaria

    Two, winter plumage, Qa al Azraq, 3rd December 2000 (P.M. Ellis, K. Al Omari, A. El Halah); This is a new species for Jordan.

    Sociable Plover Chettusia gregaria

    Two, adults in winter plumage, Aqaba sewage works, 5th December 2000 (P.M. Ellis, K. Al Omari, A. El Halah).

    Rose-coloured Starling Sturnus roseus

    A first-summer male, Wadi Rum, 25th to 26th March 2000 (H. Dufoury, B. Gauquie).

    Rustic Bunting Emberiza rustica

    A first-winter?, Aqaba sewage works, 8th November 2000 (Dr G. Tebb); This is a new species for Jordan.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Black Vulture, 1 adult, Wadi Dhahek, 16th October 2000.

    Sociable Plover, 1 first-year, Aqaba sewage works, 15th November 2000.

    Redwing, 1, Azraq Wetland Reserve, 29th November 2000.

    Ian J. Andrews (JBRC Secretary) Sept 2001

    BATCH 3

    Pink-backed Pelican Pelicanus rufescens

    One, first-summer, Aqaba sewage works 28 Apr, 6-7 May 2000 (F. Khoury, H. Shirihai et al.). First record for Jordan. This bird also visited Eilat (Israel) between 24 Apr and 13 Jul, where it represented the 7th Israeli record. It was also seen in Aqaba from Eilat on 24 Apr and several other occasions. See Sandgrouse 22(2) : 127-130.

    Painted Snipe Rostratula benghalensis

    One, first-summer female, Aqaba sewage works 6 May 2000 (P.M. Ellis, K.D. Shaw). First record for Jordan. An account of this record will be published in Sandgrouse.

    Bar-tailed Godwit Limosa lapponica

    16 Aqaba sewage works 27 Apr 2000 (I.J. Andrews et al.). 5th record, and the first since 1987.

    Unidentified golden plover sp. Pluvialis sp.

    One Aqaba sewage works 26-27 Apr 2000 (I.J. Andrews et al.). Only Pacific Golden Plover is currently on the Jordan List.

    Nubian Nightjar Caprimulgus nubicus

    One lower Wadi Dana 7 Dec 1998 (A. Parker). One, heard only, Tassan springs 12/13 Mar 2000 (F. Khoury).
    These two records, the 4th and 5th for Jordan, were both within the same general area. The previous three were all in 1963. See also Sandgrouse 21(1) : 20 for 1980s records in land now in Jordan

    Alpine Accentor Prunella collaris

    One Dana guesthouse 26 Feb 2000 (R.I. Bashford et al.). The second record for Jordan. The first record, of two birds in 1995, was also at Dana (Sandgrouse 18(2) : 64).

    Red-tailed Wheatear Oenanthe xanthoprymna

    One Jabal Thulaythuwat 5 Nov 1999 (F. Khoury). The 5th record. Previous records were in 1955, 1975, 1994 and 1997.

    Ring Ouzel Turdus torquatus

    One, female, Dana guesthouse 13-14 Dec 1998 (A. Parker). The 4th record. Previous records were in 1986, 1995 and 1998. With winter records of up to 10 birds in high ground at Dana, this area may be a regular wintering area for small numbers of Ring Ouzels.

    Redwing Turdus iliacus

    Two Dana terraces 13 Dec 1998 (A. Parker). The 5th record for Jordan. Previous records were in 1979, 1994, 1996 and 1998.

    Icterine Warbler Hippolais icterina

    One Dead Sea 5 May 2000 (K.D. Shaw, P.M. Ellis). The 6th record. The five previous records were all at Azraq.

    Goldcrest Regulus regulus

    Two Azraq resthouse 13-14 Feb 1999 (F. Khoury). The first two records (1989 and 1990) were in the Northern Highlands. The above record is probably linked to the 3rd record, at Azraq resthouse in Dec 1998 (see below), and relates to up to two birds there in the 1998/99 winter.

    Isabelline Shrike Lanius isabellinus

    One, male, Shaumari 16 Dec 1998 (A. Parker). Accepted as showing the characters of the race isabellinus (=speculigerus). This is the first record of this race to be recorded in Jordan.

    Red-fronted Serin Serinus pusillus

    One, male, in song, Dana terraces 27 Nov 1998, photographed (A. Parker). The 3rd record. The two previous records were both in 1996. This record predates the Dec 1998 record (see below), which now becomes the 4th record.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Black Vulture, 2, Wadi Dana, 13 Dec 1998.

    Striated Scops Owl, 1, lower Wadi Dana, 30 Nov 1998.

    Pacific Golden Plover, Aqaba sewage works, 26-27 Apr 2000 (accepted as golden plover sp.).

    Pied Wheatear, 1, Shaumari, 30 Oct 1999.

    Ian J. Andrews (JBRC Secretary) Mar 2001

    BATCH 2

    Common Nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos

    One Shaumari 24 Apr 1965 (D.I.M. Wallace, I.J. Ferguson-Lees, G.R. Shannon). Accepted as showing the characters of the central Asian race hafizi.
    This is the first record of this race to be recorded in Jordan.

    In line with the Association of European Rarities Committees’ recommendation that «Every rarities committee should check the old exceptional records. In particular, reports of difficult species for which new identification criteria have been established should be reconsidered», JBRC has looked at the following previously-published records.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Slender-billed Curlew, 1, Azraq, 4 May 1965.

    Aquatic Warbler, 1, Azraq, 3 May 1965.

    Plain Leaf Warbler, 1, Azraq, 18 Apr 1963.

    Pied Wheatear, 1, Shaumari, 30 Oct 1999.

    These records represented the only records of these species in Jordan, and the species are now removed from the Jordanian List.

    The following record is pended, awaiting further research :

    Intermediate (Yellow-billed) Egret, 1, As Safi, 23 Apr 1963.

    Ian J. Andrews (JBRC Secretary)Oct 2000

    BATCH 1

    Spotted Eagle Aquila clanga

    Two Azraq 31 Dec 1998 (L. Linnartz and E. Nieuwdorp). 7th record.

    Purple Gallinule Porphyrio porphyrio

    One Azraq 3-27 April 1999, photographed (D. Hill, T.M. Melling et al.). The only previous record was one seen on the Jordanian side of the Jordan River, but only seen from Israel, in 1989.

    Red-wattled Plover Vanellus indicus

    One Azraq 28 April 1999, photographed (T.M. Melling), possibly present 26 Apr-5 May. A first for Jordan.

    Egyptian Nightjar Caprimulgus aegyptius

    Up to 6 Azraq 31 Mar-28 April 1999 (T.M. Melling et al.). Only four previous records, but one of these was a nest found at Azraq (1969). The true status of this species in Jordan remains to be clarified.

    Ring Ouzel Turdus torquatus

    Two first-winter birds, probably of the race T. t. alpestris, Dana 6 Dec 1998, photographed (A. Wassink and R. Pop); one on 29 Dec 1998 (L. Linnartz and E. Nieuwdorp). There are only two previous records for Jordan.

    Redwing Turdus iliacus

    One Wadi al Butm 1 Dec 1998 (A. Wassink and R. Pop). Fourth record for Jordan - the others were in 1979, 1994 and 1996.

    River Warbler Locustella fluviatilis

    One Azraq 16 Apr 1999, trapped and photographed (T.M. Melling et al.). About the seventh record.

    Goldcrest Regulus regulus

    One Azraq resthouse 1-3 Dec 1998 (A. Wassink and R.Pop). Third Jordanian record.

    Red-fronted Serin Serinus pusillus

    One Petra 14 Feb 1996 (J. Herring and H. Buschbeck). This record predates, by one week, the first published record for Jordan (near Al Mansura 21 Feb 1996 - Sandgrouse 19(1), 68), and therefore becomes the first. The two localities are not far apart and in approximately the same high altitude habitat.
    Adult Dana 29 Dec 1998 L. Linnartz and E. Nieuwdorp). Third record for Jordan

    Common Crossbill Loxia curvirostris

    Two (male and female) Dana 29 Dec 1998 (L. Linnartz and E. Nieuwdorp). A first for Jordan.

    Pine Bunting Emberiza leucocephalus

    Female Dana 29 Dec 1998 (L. Linnartz and E. Nieuwdorp). Third Jordan record - the others being in 1995 and 1997.

    The following has not been accepted :

    Yellow-billed Black Kite, 2, Aqaba, 27 Dec 1998.

    Sooty Gull, Aqaba, 3 Jan 1999.

    Audouin’s Gull, Aqaba, 22 Dec 1998.

    Paddyfield Warbler, Aqaba, 23 Dec 1998.

    Marsh Warbler, Aqaba, 23 Dec 1998.

    Goldcrest, Dibbin, 2 Jan 1999.

    Steppe Grey Shrike, Wadi Rum, 25 Dec 1998.

    Mourning Wheatear (O.l. persica), near As Safawi, 2 Dec 1998.

    Cinereous Bunting, 12, Dana, 29 Dec 1998.

    Ian J. Andrews (JBRC Secretary) Jan 2000