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Jordan Bird Watch combines the ornithological expertise with extensive and collective bird watching and local tour-guiding experiences. JBW manages a data base about birds, bird habitats and sites. JBW provides advice to tour operators upon request and help them design bird watching trips to maximize the number of species that can be observed during any tour according to the total duration, the available logistics, and special wishes and needs of visiting birdwatchers.

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JBW also offers useful information and advice to various entities carrying out ecological impact, wildlife risk, and other types of assessments. JBW’s general viewpoint is precedence of avoidance of impacts rather than mitigation in proposed developments or activities which are expected to affect diverse bird communities or populations of rare and susceptible species. JBW organizes regular bird watching trips and events for its members to take pleasure in nature and observing wild birds and to raise the awareness and capacity of Jordanian bird guides. The main objective is to introduce and encourage bird watching among Jordanians and non-Jordanian residents (see "membership"). These field trips are also integrated into research, monitoring and conservation efforts carried out by JBW.


Bird watching events are regularly being organized for members of JBW to various regions and bird habitats of Jordan. Anyone can participate regardless of bird watching experience. The trips are intended to enjoy, become aware of and learn about nature, local culture and wild birds. Moreover, bird watching activities are considered part of the monitoring program of JBW. For more information (see "membership") and contact us at : info@jordanbirdwatch.com. Regular field trips include the Jordan Valley, where one site containing colonies of Dead Sparrow and Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, and several pairs of Clamorous Reed Warbler, is monitored; the eastern desert (desert larks), Madaba plains and rift margins, the northern Highlands, Dead Sea area, Aqaba and Wadi Araba, Dana and Al-Sharrah Mountains belong to sites visited at least once a year. Special field trips, events and activities include the White Stork autumn migration event near Amman, migrating soaring birds event, introduction to bird ringing, and many others.

World Migratory Bird Day 2016

World Migratory Bird Day 2015

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Individuals or institutions can sponsor activities related to certain bird species. The species can be selected by the sponsor from a list provided by JBW. These lists include birds that are rare, threatened, unknown in terms of distribution and biology, or have a restricted range in Jordan. Activities may include the organization of bird watching trips focusing on the species, publications, surveys, monitoring, and status assessments and various actions to contribute to the protection of the populations of selected species. The sponsorship will be considered a donation to JBW and the sponsor can be involved in activities and in deciding how the fund will be spent. For more information, please contact us at info@jordanbirdwatch.com.


Field trips and surveys are carried out by JBW to monitor specific species and sites. The monitoring program is partly integrated in the Bird watching trips and the "Sponsor a Bird" program, or as part of ongoing activities of volunteers and part of projects. Records of birds are entered into the JBW data base for further analysis and future reference. For more information about the monitoring program and JBW data base please contact info@jordanbirdwatch.com.

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A facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Jordanbirdwatchers) related to bird records and birding events in Jordan was put under your disposal. By using social media, JBW founded this page to help promote bird watching. With over 350 members, including ornithologists, bird watchers and others interested in the nature and birds of Jordan, it represents the entire bird watching community of Jordan, and is a suitable forum to discuss records, status and conservation of birds, and inform about bird watching trips and events in Jordan. The decisions of Jordan Bird Records Committee (JBRC) are also published here.

JBW bird watching trip


Jordan Bird Records Committee, JBRC, was established to review and confirm records of rare birds in Jordan ,see (Activities / JBRC). JBRC decisions are published on the JBW facebook page "Jordan Birdwatching Club". JBW also carries out a review of the list of species to be considered by JBRC.


In addition to monitoring and regular documentation. JBW carries out special research and conservation projects. Further information will be published soon.

For further information about JBW, please contact us at : info@jordanbirdwatch.com

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